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HOW TO BE HAPPY IN LIFE. It gets interestinger I promise. That’s a word, shut up.

Let me tell you something about life, you only get one. NAH DURRR (unless of course you believe in reincarnation and If that shit’s real I’d like to come back as a panther or somethin’ epic). But no, this is not a ‘yolo’ post, it’s more of an ‘appreciate what you do have’, ‘believe in yourself’ and ‘follow the law of attraction’ post. Too many people these days take for granted the life that they have. Clearly forgetting about the people in the world who have ACTUAL problems, like for example those without food, clean water to drink or a roof over their head. No one feels sorry for you receiving a speeding fine so why are you feeling sorry for yourself? It’s your fault isn’t it? Reap what you sow. Take responsibility for what you do and handle it like an ADULT. LEARN FROM IT and appreciate the fact that you can go home tonight to decent food and a nice warm bed. I’m not saying speeding fines aren’t annoying, of course they are but complaining will get you NO WHERE, MY FRIEND!

       People reflect the emotions of those who which they are speaking to. So if you talk about bad things, complain or are always feeling sorry for yourself, you will send out negative vibes and the people around you will be sad, it’s science. And from then on, although they may not be able to pinpoint why exactly, they’ll lack the will to be in your presence. Positivity attracts more positivity; the law of attraction (look it up). While it may be more of a psychological thing than a universal force, I am telling you it works. It has proven its loyalty to me over and over. EXPECT good things to happen! Know what you want in life and believe that you will gravitate toward becoming what it is you want to be, achieving your goals and/or having the things you want. Sprinkle a bit (a lot) of gratitude and grace all over this new way of thinking/being and I promise you will find happiness. Someone who is always happy, appreciates what they have, appreciates the people around them and is always willing to help those people, will spread positive vibes. That makes the people around you happy and they send ‘em back! Together you create a desirable atmosphere and attract more positive people into your lives and it just grows until the awesome power of positivity devours the world! No one likes a hostile, complaining bitch who pity’s herself and blames the world for her problems – so don’t be that person.

       Just like if your money’s too short you can’t be talking to Jay Z, if you’re a complainer you can’t be talking to me. Actually, maybe you should – maybe I can open you eyes to this beautiful thing you take for granted called life. I don’t have bad days, I have good days and I have amazing days. If something less desirable happens to me I don’t ‘react’, I ‘respond’. To react you’d be fighting a losing battle against the universe, which might be trying to bring you down only to see how you’ll take it and if you’ll stand back up again. To respond means to acknowledge the negative but instead of allowing you it to tear you apart, you accept it and move forward. And then the universe will be like “wow, what a fucking legend” and it will be nice to you.

       Okay so moving on to when life not only gives you lemons, but cuts them in half and squirts them into your eyes and then throws the knife at your stomach and when you turn to run away you fall off a cliff head-first into the rocky shark infested waters. WELL I admit, staying positive (at least the knife missed my heart, my skull only cracked in 8 places and the sharks didn’t take my LEFT arm) isn’t going to get you out of this predicament alone. What I advise here is that you learn to love yourself. Okay let’s move away from the metaphor now because I can no longer support that loving yourself while being eaten alive by sharks makes everything okay. But sometimes you are left with no one but yourself so you have to make sure that’s someone who you like and are proud to be. You need to remember that YOU are the only one with the power to create your own happiness, no one else. Yes people help a lot but without self-talk, self-respect and self-love you probably won’t get very far. Your happiness is determined purely by how you think, not the circumstances surrounding you. Imagination is both the source of sadness and the cure! Just choose to be in control rather than allowing the world to bring you down. If you can learn to love the person that you are, or respect yourself enough to change into someone you’re proud to be then you’re halfway there. And the other half is just believing that with the universe working with you and the power of your mind, you can achieve anything you want to. Determination, dedication, motivation.

Another key to being happy is to not worry about how other people think of you. Every single person has different taste, different ideas of what is good and what is bad, sees the world through a different perspective. So there is no way in hell you can possibly impress everyone. The only opinion you need to care about is your own! if you live to impress only yourself you’d be surprised how many amazing things you’ll achieve and how much respect and love you’ll gain for yourself. Kinda like those Hopsin lyrics “a real nigga don’t brag about being real, as long as he knows it”. if you are happy with who you are, that’s all that matters. Don’t go looking for attention or validation from anyone cause that’s not really what you want. The only validation you need is your own. 

You have 2 options:
1. You can wait/hope that happiness will one day find it’s way to you
2. you can create it.


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